I’m going to confess something to you, something strange and something I thought was unusual. I have major work related EMAIL ANXIETY, yes e-mail anxiety. It starts before I get to work, where I envisage the number and type of emails I may have waiting for me in my inbox. The questions, requests and advice, the reports, unfinished work and other things, sometimes haunt me hours before I even get there. The fear or attaching the wrong document, or forgetting to attach the correct document to the e-mail, the repercussions can be utterly devastating.   The worst email anxiety episode may occur when returning from a few days off or holiday, there can be hundreds, even thousands of them lurking in your inbox.

I think that this form of communication in work places although convenient, quick and easy but I am sure too much of it is unhealthy. Hiding behind emails instead of picking up the phone or actually talking to the person next to you is sometimes a systematic trend of modern work environments.I encourage work places to rely less on the dreaded email, talk to colleagues face to face, pick up the telephone. Of course it is necessary to have a paper trail some times to save your bacon for proof if something dodgy does occur, but it shouldn’t be relied upon.

So those of you that think that I am exaggerating, e-mail anxiety  is a REAL thing and work places should do every thing they can to minimise this.These things can be:

  • Talking face to face?
  • In meetings discussing as much as can be verbally and using emails to confirm and support prior information.
  • Picking up the phone for a short conversation

Following these tips may minimise the hundreds of emails that you may get.