Careers you’ve never heard of? Optometry

OptometryIn my careers series, I have decided to focus on careers which are less well known in the health care arena. Optometry is the next topic that I am going to de mystify.

I feel sorry for Opticians sometimes, peering into someones eye, the client could be smelly or have bad breath and there you are in a dark room with a complete stranger. If this career appeals to you, you can travel, set up your own clinic and makes peoples lives better, read on.

Optometrists examine patients eyes, test their sight, prescribe contact lenses and glasses by assessing long and short sightedness, glaucoma  and cataracts. The General Optical Counsel accredit 9 specific undergraduate degrees which require a person to practice as an optometrist. To become an optometrist, you will have to pursue an undergraduate degree at one of theses nine universities, usually lasting three years with a substantial placement component. You will usually need three good A-Levels at least one in a science subject such as: chemistry, physics or biology.