How to deal with annoying co-workers

There’s always at least that one person at work who drives you mad, the way they eat/walk/talk/breathe/express them selves is enough to make you go ‘ahhh shuuttt uppp’. From the office know-it-all, to the person who is always telling you their life story.

I remember one organisation where I was temping at had a lady who was so unfriendly, I thought I had done something wrong to her, on closer investigation I found out that she was just a miserable so and so, I felt better. I will attempt to give some pointers as to how to deal with these creatures.

  • Ignore them? My mum always told me to ignore people if they annoyed me, to be honest this only works sometimes, but the individual/individuals in questions are some times so irritating that resulting in screaming repeatedly is the only option.
  • Humour them- ‘yes, oh really, oh that’s sad’ these listening sounds make is seem like you’re listening when you aren’t, leaving you free to get on with something more important or interesting whilst you are not listening to their droning voice.
  • Tell them that they are boring weirdos- This is the extreme solution, shouting, ranting and raving is probably not the best idea especially in view of your other colleagues so use this one as a last resort.
  • Trump them with your own problems/achievements/woes- doing this I find a bit funny, it can sometimes scare the person into submission as your problems intimidate them.
  • Run away and avoid- this is the cowards way out but it works, especially if you don’t work closely to the person in question.