Good A-Levels and Bad A-Levels, is there really such a thing?

I came across this topic a few months ago ‘good’ A-Levels and ‘bad’ ones. Those of you that live in the UK, know that A-Levels are a route for going to university. Millions of students have finished  them this year culminating in highly stressful exam period. Those of you that are choosing your subjects and have just finished their GCSEs, take note. Most people do A- Levels to got to University, a good university. However, some of the top ten universities have a kind of hidden list for which A-level subjects that they like and which ones they would not approve of, usually the ones they like are earmarked as traditional subjects. These traditional subjects include: English, History, Physics, Maths, Biology, Philosophy, Chemistry, Further maths, Geography, Economics to name but a few.

These Russell group universities and Oxbridge have also published lists of non-preferred subjects (ones that they do not like) such as Business studies, Media studies, I.T. and  Sociology. This is not to say that you won’t gain admission into a “good university” with one of these subjects as your 3 or four, but if you have more than two and want to go to a top 10 or 20 university (depending on the course) think about your choice. It is unfair that the system is black listing subjects many of which many students aren’t aware of.