The rich get richer and the poor get poorer

I recently was in the Question Time ( A UK panel show where members of the public can ask questions to politicians and public figures) audience and someone asked: In this time of economic uncertainty, should our oversees aid budget be ring fenced? Me trying to lay low, did not voice my real opinions, so I chose to do it now. The argument is that in a time of austerity, the UK needs all the money it could get to keep the country afloat. The common lines of “why is it our problem?”  “We should focus on ourselves before trying to solve other peoples problems.”

Why the overseas aid should be ring fenced.

  1. Its like 0.5% of GDP (not event 1% of the wealth of the UK), more money gets wasted by hiring agency staff long term in the NHS, or over charging managers why not let that money give people vaccines from ridiculously preventable problems like diarrhoea.
  2.  The prime minister says its morally right… but i’ll get back to this
  3. They kind of owe them… Ok lets trace back to history many “commonwealth” countries were highly exploited for natural resources including people which has led to the generations of “poorness”. Pilfering people, gold, cocoa, bauxite, tea, silk, the list can go on and on. Its actually payment, high time.

So here are a few reasons why I think that the “aid” budget should stay as it is. The common image of aid recipients is an image of a black child, with a distended stomach, with flies around him/her. This paints a helpless un realistic picture of people in aid recipient countries, who are resourceful, resilient