Why do people work????

Why do people work? Well let me tell you something, it is not just for money. A lot of people work to feel useful, to feel needed, to increase skills. A research investigation conducted at a Luton car plant, found three orientations to work: 1)Instrumental (working just for money); 2)Bureaucratic (working in exchange for skills and support such as career development) and 3)solidaristic (working for money and for group loyalty such as trade unions).  So the summary is that poorer, lower level workers tend to work for just money (to put food on the table and so on) and people with careers rather than jobs work for intrinsic reasons, e.g. to feel a sense of well being. It is not as simple as this, but have a think about why you work and if you feel like something is missing try and get your intrinsic (warm fuzziness) somewhere else, like with your friends.