The King’s Speech

The film which has won a string of Golden Globe awards, tells us of the debilitating stammer,  which affected King George VI, (the current Queen of England’s father). Second in line to the throne, the prince was was not focused on to take the helm and lead the country. This all changed when his older brother Edward VII, abdicated the throne, after he had to make a choice between being a King or marrying an American divorcee (something that isn’t allowed in the Anglican Church).

I went to see the King’s Speech a couple of days ago, apart from being a historical film, it’s a  film about over coming problems and being courageous and strong. The leading actors were exquisitely chosen and captured the attitudes and behaviours of the Queen mother and the King. I like how the speech therapist is depicted as a renegade, radical using techniques such as shouting swear words, singing, and using singing as a distraction technique.

Most of all I would urge people to see it, you’ll learn something.