Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

What would you do if one day you slept for 8 hours a day, then suddenly you felt so tired you sleep for 10 days straight, missing important activities such as work, weddings, birthdays and exams. This is the fate of people who suffer from Kleine-Levin Syndrome an extremely rare sleep disorder where sufferers sleep for weeks at a time, at random, from 16-22 hours, woken only by friends or family  to eat and go to the toilet. At these times, sufferers may be irritable, react rudely, binge eat, and feeling in a dream like state.

The cause is not known, but it is thought to have a genetic base, and no medications are proven to have an effect. Additionally this disorder  can often get misdiagnosed with other sleep disorders. So the next time you wish you could go to sleep for about 2 weeks, spare a thought for those who actually do and miss crucial parts of their lives. For more information please use this link.