New Years, Smew Years

So New year was like sooo last week. How many of you have broken your new years resolutions already? Some people’s resolutions will centre around may be getting a new job for the new year. If you want a new job because you are unemployed, over qualified or just thinking about a change, here are some simple pointers to help you on your way.

  1. What industry do you want to move into, which are you qualified for? If you aren’t qualified, what could you do to get qualified?It is important for you to be specific in your job search as you may coast through life aimlessly, moving from job to job. 
  2. How will you know that you have succeeded? In short write down what you want to do and measures of success that you can follow, e.g. when I earn this amount, when I receive x years of experience, when I gain this professional qualification. 
  3. Are you career aims to be a millionnaire as Delboy always said? Do you want to be a pilot but are scared of heights, do you want to be a doctor but hate science? Well make sure you career aims are actually achievable and realistic, other wise you will fail, simples. 
  4. Make sure you have a time limit on all of your plans other wise like point 2, they will probably never get done. So for example, next year I want to put my self forward for promotion, or in the next 6 months I will do a time management course. 
  5. Networking works, tap into it, find out what openings are at your friends companies, enquire, email and attend events. You never know who you may meet. 
  6. Research properly on the industry and the job that you want, there’s nothing worse then being ill prepared or ill informed. 
  7. You may not be in the financial position to totally move to a new industry, but possibly volunteer within the area you want to move into. Yes I mean work potentially for free, this really opens doors. 
  8. Never give up- as cheesy as that sounds it’s true, you can get there if you want it.  

Finally these pointers are not step by step guides but just something to open you up to other possibilities. Life’s too short to be stuck in a rubbish job.