The real meaning of christmas….

It is not my intention to go all puritanical on you or anything, but i just thought I’d let you know a few things about the festivities that we are experiencing. Have you ever wondered why people put trees in their houses this time of year, and decorate them with lights and tinsel? Why people exchange gifts on Jesus’ birthday? (surely he is the one who should be getting gifts, its his birthday).

Ok so the long and short of it is, that Jesus was not actually born on 25th December, historians mainly put the date of Jesus’ birth as occurring most likely in October or September about 6 months after passover. The celebration of this holiday is not biblical, but came into prominence after Roman Emperor Constantine in the 4th century BC when Christianity was not so vogue, and most people were Pagans. So Emperor Constantine decided to merge some pagan festivities, with some biblical things and out came Christmas.

The original 25th of December was the birth date of Nimrod, a Babylonian king and the 25th December was his birthday. After his death, his mother  claimed that an ever green tree grew over night and the spirit of her dead son would visit her every year  and leave gifts upon it. This shows the origin of the Christmas tree. So people, this is just a short summary of what Christmas is actually about.

You can think I am a weirdo, a freak or a kill joy, and i am far from telling any one what or what not to do, however, the symbolism of this once pagan festival has been hidden and swamped in commercialism and a frenzy of present and gourmet food buying. However, it does bring families and long lost friends together and remember that a man called Jesus did indeed live…

Happy holidays people