Measuring happiness? Thanks Cam!

Right, so DC (David Cameron, UK, PM) announced a couple of weeks ago that he wanted to measure the level of people in the UK’s happiness. Some people have stated that can we actually measure happiness at all? Psychologists and sociologists have developed questionnaires which measure this and have been for years, one measurement that I have used in the past, is the general well being questionnaire.

My problem with the process is that the office of national statistics is devising the questions. I think that PSYCHOLOGISTS should be devising them, as a group of people who make a living out of studying and trying to make sense of human behaviour, its probably quite logical that they should do it?

Secondly although this is an important aspect of life, trying to measure happiness is a very abstract and difficult task. It seems slightly as though the government are trying to distract us from the doom and gloom austerity cuts they have announced, but measuring how badly people feel, will this actually help?