The curse of the temp…

Some people really like temping, not really worrying too much about finding the career, good way for students to earn money or to try out different parts of a profession and getting your foot in the door. I have personally temped so much and at times it has made me feel dirty, sad and used.  Some  people’s experiences of temporary work are unhappy, brain numbingly boring prison sentences. Here are some tips for employers of how to get the most out of your temporary workers.

  • Never refer to them as the “temp”, they have names, it’s rude.
  • Try not to humiliate them with work that simpletons can do, especially if they have a degree, like from personal experience ” can you turn my computer on?” response in brain- I AM NOT YOUR P.A and even if I was, not on your nelly.
  • Give them fun stuff to do, to stimulate innovation and increase well being this will increase output
  • Integrate them into the team as much as possible
  • Give them time , they aren’t going to learn over night

For temporary workers:

  • Always look bothered to be there, even if you aren’t.
  • Get involved, if you have run out of work, find some thing else to do
  • Be polite, it always leaves a lasting impression
  • Be on time!!

You never know where these tips will get you…