How to write an effective CV

Ok people, I am no expert, but I just wanted to let you know what I have observed when looking at other peoples CVs and the small stint I did working in a recruitment consultancy. There are many different types of CV but there are some guidelines to follow to make sure people don’t throw yours in the bin.

  • Do not lie on your CV, these things will always find you out.
  • Unless you are an executive or a medical doctor, don’t make your CV more than two pages long, no one wants to know what you did on the weekend. Play around with the margins of the document for it to fit on two pages if you need to. 
  • Do not waster your time using thick paper, card, or coloured paper, save your money, as if the content is poor, its all going to the same place… (the bin)
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, at risk of sounding like a school teacher never underestimate how excited people get when its done well,  and how upset and or offended people get when you can’t even spell your name right.
  • Instead of listing what you did within each role, write down what specific projects or roles that you did which made your role different from the average “administrator” ” solicitor” ” customer service operative”. What were you key accountables? What difference did you make in the role?
  • Make sure your spacing and layout is consistent