To strike or not to strike, that is the question.

Is it ever ok to strike? To be honest I’m not sure about it, but it seems like these days individuals are doing it willy nilly, tube drivers all the time, fire fighters, BA cabin crew and now these airport workers.

The UK, like any other democracy has a long history of trade union’s standing up for the common working man, demanding better pay,  conditions and trying to make work fairer for all. A proposed BAA strike that has thankfully been resolved threatened to hamper Britain’s main airports. Workers in one of the worlds busiest airport (London Heathrow) and many others in the UK were facing the possibility of wild cat strikes which may have forced them to close and face possible losses of millions of pounds.

This to me was extremely ridiculous, they rejected their 1% pay increase and wanted more, in the time where we are in the wake of a vast global recession, where thousands have people have got pay freezes and millions more have been tossed onto the ‘dole’ heap? You must be having a laugh, however, the workers had themselves in a very unique position, due to the freak of the ash cloud earlier on in the year and the subsequent mass loss of money for airports, the airport simply could not risk any more potential losses of money.

 Now everyone’s happy, the BAA workers now have 2% pay deal and the airports are kept open. Obviously the talks paid off. Its all right for some who have the luxury of even considering strike action, I am sure there are plenty of nursing staff that would love a pay increase too…