Occupational psychology and other stories…

After being successfully annoyed after any one asks me what I do, I have decided to set up this blog to try and explain my chosen profession, talk in a hopefully humorous way about by career escapades, and interesting things that I come across in everyday life. I have worked everywhere, from retail to a gym, to a council to a student union, to hotels, I’ve practically worked in every industry for free and for money. 

Occupational Psychology, is what I like to call, glorified HR, and includes many of the things that HR functions in organisations have.  For example selection and assessment, producing selling and administering psychometric tests for selection purposes; career counselling, advising organisations on training and organisational change and advising people on reducing stress in the work place. The occupational psychologist’s role is to help people in the work place to become more productive and happier. Let’s face it, we all have to work and people are spending more and more time in the work place every day so we might as well make sure people have a good time there.